The Gamen Edge – For Candidates

Making a Strategic Career Move

As a management consultant, your goal is to work for an organization that views people as a critical asset to be nurtured and developed and with a commitment to talent development, coaching, and career progression. At Gamen Group, our clients are made up of a select group of firms with a demonstrated commitment to providing employees with these vital advantages -- we are very discriminating about the firms that we work with.

As a prospective candidate, you want to 'take the next step' in your career and to make a change that helps you grow professionally. When considering a new opportunity, you need to be sure that the firm you select will provide you with leadership development, training opportunities and access to challenging projects. We believe in making well-considered, strategic career moves that will add value to your résumé.

For candidates still early in their consulting careers, Gamen Group offers a wealth of unvarnished advice on correct positioning, compensation expectations, and how the cultures of the various major consulting organizations differ. Making a smart move early in your career can lay the foundations for success as you advance your technical skills and gain experience in leadership roles.

For more senior level candidates, Gamen Group's unbiased perspective can assist you in making strategic, highly-leveraged career moves. Nancy Gold, Gamen's Principal, has extensive experience working with candidates at the manager, senior manager, director, and partner levels; her experience and perspective can be invaluable when preparing for senior level interviews, negotiating compensation, and ensuring a 'soft landing' at a new firm.

Gamen Group's methodology:

A process of guided self-exploration

Gamen Group is a firm believer in following a process to achieve positive career outcomes. We engage with you to explore your professional background, your abilities (both in terms of technology and leadership) and your overall career aspirations. It is a thorough process of career explication that allows us to position you for successful interviews, attractive offers, and growth opportunities with industry-leading firms.

From a candidate's perspective, one of the most important Gamen Group differences is our unparalleled commitment to working collaboratively with you to help you achieve your professional goals. We provide a high level of coaching and guidance to prepare you for every step of the interview process

Candidates find working with Gamen Group to be challenging yet rewarding, and very much unique -- our commitment is what sets us apart from other recruitment firms.